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Catering Modifications to Our Client’s Needs

We take pride in being able to offer these accessible services to our clients! Bespoke Construction will produce an environment to everyone, including people with disabilities or physical challenges. We want all clients to be able to live and thrive in their own home. Our goal is for everyone to be able to ‘Age in Place’, whether minimal or severe disabilities. 

Bespoke Construction is one of Indiana’s largest contractors specializing in universal design. We work with organizations such as Vocational Rehabilitation Services of Indiana as well as Medicaid Waiver.

We even are able to complete private pay modifications within a home as well. 

Modifications can range from widening entry and exit doorways and hallways, customizing bathrooms and kitchens, to installing lift systems and wheelchair accessible ramps. We want everyone’s homes to be accessible to their needs! 

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Providing custom construction to allow our clients to live and thrive in their homes by bringing their needs and visions forward, creating a space tailored to them.

Bespoke Construction


Bespoke Construction

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