Spring Porch Decor


Maybe Spring is on the way after all!

I have enjoyed the last two days and sudden burst of warmth. It has me dreaming of warmer weather and home projects of course. It seems the first thing I give a “Spring Facelift” to is my porch and door. I recently stumbled on this photo on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with the modern simplicity of it. The black and white rug catches your eye for sure. For more ideas like this head over to Pinterest and take a look at some more ideas on our board!

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We loved this article from Dwell. If you like to cook, you may consider bringing an herb garden indoors for easy access. Plus, it is a great design accent!

If you thought you had to have a green thumb and lots of space to garden, think again.

Let’s face it: herbs are the superheroes of plants. Not only do they contain healing properties that can treat a number of health problems, but with just a few sprigs, they can also transform an ordinary dish into a gourmet-tasting meal. And the best part? These impressive green leaves hardly need any space to works their wondrous powers. So regardless of how big—or small—your current kitchen is, there’s no question an indoor herb garden would make a great addition to your home.