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Bespoke Construction is an Indianapolis, Indiana based general contractor. We have a team of skilled craftsmen, engineers and designers who will work with you to maximize your home’s potential based on your specific desires and needs. 


The team at Bespoke Construction has the knowledge, creativity and attention-to-detail required for virtually any project. 







Our informed and detail-oriented approach to construction and design as well as an emphasis on communication will provide you with peace of mind and a sense of comfort through every step of the process.


Our customized project management software allows our customers access to their projects via mobile app, so our customers always know the latest status and can communicate with our team.



We provide solutions. Whether we are creating more space, updating a design or making a space more safe and functional, it’s about providing a solution for the client each and every time. 

Ashley Hummer

procurement director

I am largely in procurement- pricing, purchasing, logistics, and job costing.

My favorite part of my job is the selections process. Finish items are where you really get a feel for the client’s style. Style is forever evolving, and I find myself adopting something new and different with every project.

Coming from a large family of 3 brothers and an identical twin sister, I can confidently say that there never has been and never will be a dull moment. I currently live with my wonderful wife, Yolanda, and fur baby who is our 8-year-old German Shepherd. Sadie Sue is constantly making us laugh!

A fun fact about me is that I am currently learning the Spanish language. It has been a goal of mine for quite some time now, and I couldn’t think of a better time to commit. Deséame suerte! (Wish me luck!)

rob cooper


From Leeds, England I moved over to the States about 9 years ago to start my own business in the construction realm. As our office team and crews on the jobs have grown, I have enjoyed working for great families on and in their homes. 

The best part of the job for me is seeing someone with a need or a vision and bringing it to life for them to better serve their day-to-day functions. 

Away from the job, you can find me traveling and thinking about work, ha!


kim hummer

VP of Sales

I am primarily responsible for Bespoke’s sales growth, client engagement, and execution of all projects.

The best part of my job is getting to know our clients, and the ability to be creative.

I come from a large family of 5 children.  You can image how fun the holidays are with all of the babies and puppies that are now running around!


I have a 16 month old fur baby. She is a chocolate lab named Zoe. She is the sweetest and craziest little girl!

Side note: labs shed a lot more than I thought!

I love to bake. I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, but baking is a different story.    Who says you can’t have cookies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? 🙂



Alex clark

creative director

I’m the newest addition to bespoke as the Director of Operations. As a former financial advisor and partner with a fortune 100 company, I bring a non-construction perspective to the operations of Bespoke Construction. I grew up in a household where home remodel was constantly taking place, and I am very passionate about all the components that go into a remodel project. I take a holistic approach to our day-to-day operations, which allows our team to be agile, efficient and effective while delivering on our clients expectations.  

Outside of work you can find me enjoying golf, traveling, sporting events and spending time with my family and friends.


My life long goal is to visit every continent!

tasha marshall

finance director

My role as the Finance Director here at Bespoke is to ensure that all Financial operations move smoothly and seamlessly. Everything from paying bills to financial forecasting. 

I would say my favorite part of the job is seeing the company succeed and have the cashflow for day to day operations. 

I married my high school sweetheart 10 years ago and we have 3 daughters and our standard poodle, Ben.  We are a very active family. At any given moment you can catch us at the race track racing dirt bikes or at the dance studio dancing to classical ballet music.  

A couple fun facts about me. My favorite things to do are shop and create! Crafting is where it is at for me. This is definitely my creative and fun outlet.


kayla lagrange

accounting assistant

My role here at Bespoke is the accounting assistant. I assist the Finance Director in day-to-day financial operations and provide assistance to the Sales and Procurement team. 

What I like most about my job is working with people that I get along with so well. It feels more like a family than coworkers and that is the best possible thing to have at a workplace.


I’ve been married for 10 years and we have two children (Will & Blake).

We spend our time doing all the activities the kids are involved in – from dance competitions to jiujitsu tournaments. We also love shopping and movies together as a family. 

I’m a huge Michigan Wolverines fan!!


Providing custom construction to allow our clients to live and thrive in their homes by bringing their needs and visions forward, creating a space tailored to them.

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